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Uncertain Debt Management: Treasury Markets and Financial Institutions

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  • H.R. ____, a bill to require FSOC Chairperson to provide information.
  • H.R. ____, a bill to require the Treasury Secretary to report on debt management.
  • H.R. ____, a bill to require testimony and reports on debt management.
  • H.R. ____, a bill to amend the FDIC Act assessments.
  • H.R. ____, a bill to place Federal Reserve supervision on appropriations.
  • H.R. ____, a bill to modify asset thresholds, providing regulatory relief for community banks.

Witness List

  • Grant Driessen, Specialist in Public Finance, Congressional Research Service
  • Jeff Arkin, Director, Strategic Issues Team, Government Accountability Office

Hearing Videos

    Webcast of the Hearing


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