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ICYMI: Ranking Member Waters Hosts Roundtable Combatting Extremist MAGA Attack on ESG Policy

As extreme MAGA Committee Republicans kick off their month-long anti-ESG campaign, this week, Congresswoman Waters convened a roundtable entitled, “Combatting the MAGA Attack: Protecting Environmental, Social, and Governance Policy in Financial Services.” The roundtable included a panel of experts who shared their thoughts and perspectives with Committee members on the importance of ESG and pushing back on the campaign to dismantle the policy.

During the roundtable, Committee Democrats and panelists discussed a number of important issues related to ESG including:

  • How workforce or human capital metrics, particularly diversity-related information is crucial for investors and their financial portfolio;

    • The research, including research Committee Democrats identified, makes clear that ESG factors are relevant to the long-term profitability of corporations, and that diverse companies are also more profitable.

  • How ESG disclosures lead to better financial performance and have a long-term beneficial impact on the global economy at large;

  • The recklessness associated with suggesting that climate change is not real and that corporations should not consider the real financial risks associated with climate change.
  • The benefits of extending SEC’s proposed disclosure rules to privately-held operating companies.

Watch the full roundtable HERE.


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