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In Letter to Speaker Pelosi, Rep. Waters Continues Fight for Renters

Reiterates Call for President Biden to Direct CDC to Extend Eviction Moratorium

Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA), Chairwoman of the House Committee on Financial Services, sent a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.  In the letter, Congresswoman Waters expresses her strong support for Speaker Pelosi and reiterates her call for President Biden to direct the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) to extend the eviction moratorium.

“Due to Justice Kavanaugh’s concurring opinion, the Biden administration now states that they do not believe they have the legal authority to extend the CDC eviction moratorium,” wrote Congresswoman Waters. “I would like to point out that the Supreme Court did not rule one way or the other on the legality of the CDC eviction moratorium. In fact, the Court merely declined to take up the emergency appeal from the Alabama Association of Realtors. To this day, there has not been a ruling on this particular emergency by the Supreme Court that has explicitly and assuredly indicated that the President of the United States cannot extend the CDC eviction moratorium through executive action. In fact, the President has directed the CDC to extend the eviction moratorium in the past and can and should do so once again.

“In light of the Biden administration's refusal to extend the eviction moratorium and last-minute punt to Congress, our colleagues in the House of Representatives have displayed a tremendous amount of courage and commitment by highlighting the urgent need to extend the moratorium,” added Congresswoman Waters. “Speaker Pelosi, as our nation continues into another day of this eviction emergency, I stand with you as you use all of your power and influence to insist that the CDC move forward and extend the eviction moratorium – something that it has already done in the past.”

Click here for the full letter.

Congresswoman Maxine Waters introduced H.R. 4791, the Protecting Renters from Evictions Act of 2021, which would extend the eviction moratorium until December 31, 2021.


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